TUF-22 Receiver, Flat Top, Cerakote Sterling Silver Colour

TUF-22 Receiver, Flat Top, Cerakote Sterling Silver Colour


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TUF-22 Receiver, Flat Top, Cerakote Sterling Silver Colour

Our TUF-22 receiver is made from 7075-T6 aluminum. In our opinion it is the BEST material to make a 10-22 type receiver from, period.

The higher quality 7075-T6 is much more rigid than the more common 6061-T6. In fact it’s almost 85% stronger than a receiver machined from 6061-T6 ! This makes the TUF-22 a MUCH more stable platform to keep all of the moving parts and most importantly- the barrel, from flexing while firing. This results in what we think is the most superior aluminum receiver 10-22 available on the market today.

The beautiful thing about our new TUF-22 receivers is their ability to accept our proprietary 25-round magazines without the use of a flimsy adapter !! You can also choose to use the factory Ruger 10-round mags, no problem, we leave it up to you because they both work perfectly well.

Ahhh, choice…. ( :

It will accept all factory or aftermarket slip-fit 10-22 barrels and has a reinforced top compared to the factory unit, ours measures in at .260″ vs. .160″ for the Ruger ! Considering the TUF-22 is made from far superior 7075-T6 and is 40% thicker this adds up to a MASSIVELY stronger support for the rifle.  It was designed to fit in a standard 10-22 stock and will accept all factory or aftermarket internal parts of the Ruger 10/22 rifle, with little or no fitting.

To finish, we have them bead blasted and anodized hard black to give a beautiful matte black surface. Once they have been anodized we send them off to a fabulous Canadian company, Black Box Customs, and have them apply a custom bland for us that closest matches a bead blasted stainless steel barrel. We call the colour ‘Sterling’ as it glistens like silver.

Get one in your hands and you will understand why we make the claim to build the BEST 10/22 variant receiver in Canada, period.

These particular receivers have a groove milled into the top to accept our 0 & 20 MOA rails. These rails lock into the groove on the receiver and secure the scope base far better than just the four 6-48 screws could on their own. We guarantee this to be the most rigid scope base you can buy for a 10/22 variant rifle.

By having a flat top receiver you can be assured that your rifle will be adaptable to whatever distances you choose to shoot at, from 10 yards to 300, we make it possible.

NOTE : This receiver WILL NOT fit into an SR-22, Nordic Arms or other ‘clam shell’ type chassis system.

Proudly made in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.