Non-Restricted Barrel for Keltec CMR-30 Rifles

Non-Restricted Barrel for Keltec CMR-30 Rifles


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This is it, a newly manufactured barrel that is 19.75″ long to convert your Restricted Keltec CMR-30 into a Non-Restricted rifle by adding just enough length to the rifle’s OAL to make it 26.25″ long with the factory stock fully collapsed. This, by all Canadian laws and regulations, puts the rifle clearly into NON-RESTRICTED territory.

The sale is for one 19.75″ barrel only. Installation will need to be done by yourself or a qualified gunsmith only and then Verified by a licensed Verifier within 30 days of the barrel being changed.

PLEASE READ : Currently the RCMP is flat out refusing to make a child entry for the CMR-30 as a Non-Restricted rifle even though according to ALL Canadian laws and regulations it is indeed Non-Restricted with this barrel installed. The Canadian courts have ruled the RCMP’s FRT list is only their OPINION, not law. The LAW in Canada says that changing the barrel out on a short firearm so it meets a minimum OAL is an accepted method of changing it’s status from one classification to another. In this case, for rimfire calibre rifles this OAL is 660mm or 26″. These barrels will take you to 26.25″, clearly NON-RESTRICTED.

These barrels are FINAL SALE and we will not for any reason file the needed Verifier’s Report on your behalf. In fact, a big part of the reason we are selling these as barrels alone is so the RCMP end up with Verifier’s Reports from MANY different people across this great country and then maybe they will add the needed child entry for them and we can all rest easy shooting an awesome little rimfire rifle !