KIDD Pull Weight Tuning Spring Kit

KIDD Pull Weight Tuning Spring Kit


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Directly from the Kidd website :

-Accessory for the KIDD “Trigger Job” Kit
-Adjust your trigger weight to fit your needs

Use the weight tuning springs to set the desired breaking weight in the 10/22® trigger with our KIDD “Trigger Job” Kit installed. These springs affects both the pull weight and reset weight of the trigger. A stronger spring may be necessary if your trigger is not resetting consistently.

Approximate trigger breaking weight with the installed KIDD “Trigger Job” Kit:
Grey spring 1 3/4 pounds
White spring 2 1/4 pounds
Red spring 2 3/4 pounds
Green spring 3 1/4 pounds
Blue spring 3 3/4 pounds

Please keep in mind that these results are approximates due to the fact that we do not manufacture the factory trigger guards and must be flexible to adjust for some tolerance issues.

Pre-Installation Note:
The location for this spring in the factory trigger guard is just behind the trigger blade protruding from the guard with a plunger capping it off. In order to gain access to this area some of the internal parts of the trigger machanism must be removed. These parts include the hammer and the sub-assembly of the sear/disconnect/trigger blade. When removing the sub-assembly of the sear/disconnect/trigger blade, it is best to use a slave pin so that these three pieces remain as a sub-assembly.

Installation directions:

1. After removing the trigger assembly from the receiver.
2. Click safety off to fire. With your hand closely over hammer, de-cock the hammer. Pull hammer forward to remove hammer strut spring assembly.
3. Remove upper ejector and bolt hold open pin to release bolt hold open spring and ejector. Slightly push magazine latch pin enough to release bolt hold open. (Magazine latch pin may easily fall out.) After removing bolt hold open, slide pin back to keep the magazine latch secured. Push hammer pin out to remove hammer and spring.
4. Place trigger guard upside down on a flat surface. Hold back trigger blade as you slide out trigger pin with the other hand. (Holding trigger blade back keeps plunger spring from flying out.) Flip trigger guard back over. Trigger should only have safety, magazine latch and magazine latch plunger intact.

1. While holding trigger blade plunger in place, drop the trigger unit sub-assembly in guard with trigger blade on the bottom. Align the trigger pivot hole with the slay pin. (Slay pin is the small pin within the sub-assembly.) Using the smaller dowel pin provided, slide into trigger pivot hole while using this pin to removing slave pin. (Slave pin should also easily slide out.)
2. To install hammer, place spring over bushing on right side of hammer with crooked end of spring on top and slide into guard with the groove facing down. Slide in larger dowel pin provided to secure hammer in place.
3. Slightly slide out magazine latch pin to replace bolt hold open. Slide spring over so that the crooked end lands on top of bolt hold open. Pull hammer forward to drop in hammer spring with the retainer end going into hole in rear end of trigger guard (slit facing up). Cock hammer into place. Engage safety.
4. Push down straight end of spring to slide in dowel pin while also putting ejector back into place. Trigger is ready to be installed back into receiver.
5. To check that the “trigger job” kit is functioning properly. Disengage safety, again place your hand closely over the hammer and fire the trigger. Push the hammer back into the trigger guard and do this again. No make sure that the safety is functioning properly by engaging the safety and attempting fire the trigger. If the safety is working properly the trigger will not fire while the safety is engaged. If the safety is not working properly please contact KIDD and we will assist with this adjustment.

Package includes:
5 springs