Kidd Bolt for 10/22 Rifles, Scalloped, Nitride

Kidd Bolt for 10/22 Rifles, Scalloped, Nitride


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Directly from the Kidd website :

-Aftermarket KIDD .22lr bolt to drop into a 10/22® style receiver
-CNC Machined steel from billet
-Proper head spacing and firing pin protrusion
-Hardened for durability
-“pinned” firing pin for consistent ignition
-Radiused and polished for improved cycling
-Includes our firing pin and extractor

The KIDD bolt comes complete with our pinned aftermarket firing pin and our extractor. Proper headspace allows the bullet to feed properly and the correct firing pin protrusion guarantees that there is not too much or too little firing pin contact with the rim of the case. This bolt is a flawless match for any KIDD .22lr receiver without modification. You can also use it to upgrade a factory 10/22® style receiver.

Here at Dlask Arms Corp. we strip and send them out for Nitride finishing. This provides a surface hardness that is comparable to hard chrome plating and provide the added lubricity to go with this incredibly hard surface. For a direct blowback rifle the less friction inside the receiver that the inertial energy of the reciprocating bolt has to combat is a huge bonus and helps your rifle run smoother and more reliably.

bolt with firing pin and extractor installed

Scalloped bolts: 6.4 oz