HC3R Speed Loader for TUF-22 Magazines

HC3R Speed Loader for TUF-22 Magazines


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These little speed loaders are exactly what you need if you like to shoot as much as we do. No more thumb blisters, no more one by one freedom seeds into that big ‘ol banana clip thing !

From the HC3R website :

  • Uniquely designed and patented, HC3R™ Speed loader has features you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Gravity fed loading allows you to drop 100 rounds in > Agitate > Ammo will easily fall into place
  • Arrange 100 rounds in under 2 minutes
  • Spring-loaded lift-tray locks into upward position to facilitate easy loading using HC3R™ stripper clips (sold separately)
  • Strip off 20 rounds at a time in seconds > **Ideal to use with five stripper clips for maximum effectiveness
  • Or, leave rounds in speedloader > lift tray slightly and drop back into the box > Ready-to-go ammo storage
  • Pop-lock allows secure storage and carrying of 100 rounds
  • See video on home page for demonstration Speedloader Demo